Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

The CFD Lab belongs to the Department of Engineering Sciences of the University of Patras and it is directed by Prof. P. Hatzikonstantinou.

The CFD Lab promotes teaching and research in the field of computational and mathematical fluid mechanics and other related fields in the context of applied computational and mathematical methods in fluid mechanics.

Research in the laboratory is directed in several areas including computational methods and algorithms for the solution of internal and external flow problems, development of models for magnetic and electrically conducting fluids, simulation of MHD and magnetic fluid flows and analytical and numerical solution of the equations of fluid mechanics. The CVP computational method has been developed in the CFD Lab for the simulation of compressible and incompressible flows in various engineering applications.

The laboratory has several workstations and support systems networked together which are used for flow simulations through parallel processing and for the development of new numerical methods and algorithms.