RE-DIRECTION Project Kick-off Meeting Sets the Course for Advancement in Higher Education

The innovative project RE-DIRECTION, co-funded by the EU and backed by a consortium of international partners, launched its kick-off meeting from March 19th to 21st, 2024. This ambitious initiative, under the umbrella of the Erasmus+ programme, is poised to revolutionize the digital landscape of higher education in Ukraine and Georgia.
With a total grant of €719,984, the project unites 13 universities, two ministries, and one international consultancy in a concerted effort to reshape and align higher education with contemporary digital frameworks, sustainable practices, and the demands of the labour market.

The project's ceremonial commencement at Georgian International University GIU set an invigorating tone for a three-day agenda packed with collaborative discussions, strategic planning, and cultural exchange. The meeting began with an official welcome, an insightful visit to the host university, and engaging activities designed to foster team spirit and mutual understanding among the diverse project partners.
Day one featured in-depth introductions by prominent figures such as the Rector and Chancellor of GIU, followed by an immersive presentation on the students' experience at the institution. The Project Coordinator from Karlshochschule International University and BK Consult GmbH facilitated discussions on the project's overview, objectives, and the establishment of a robust Risk and Quality Assurance plan.
The subsequent days were dedicated to exploring detailed work packages, visiting the Ministry of Education of Georgia, and engaging with pivotal components of the project, such as curricular development and sustainability measures. Each session, meticulously outlined in the agenda, aimed to create a comprehensive methodology framework that will be crucial for the project's success.

The meeting concluded with a visit to Caucasus University and a roundup of discussions that solidified the consortium's dedication to implementing the project's envisioned outcomes.
RE-DIRECTION embarks on its journey with a clear trajectory towards fostering inclusive, innovative, and sustainable higher education practices.

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